Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

This is the Manic Monday Minute...
  • Had a great weekend in South Carolina
  • Spent some time in Columbia planning a retreat for youth workers for early next year.
  • Enjoyed spending time with some friends & my family
  • Got the opportunity to help decorate my parent's Christmas tree. Brought back many memories.
  • One of the highlights was enjoying the "Q" (BBQ, that is)
  • Also got to stop by the hospital and see my cousin who just had a baby -- on my birthday!
  • Had a great time on my birthday. A number of my close friends took me out to dinner to a little place you've probably never heard of.
  • Just downloaded a new Christmas song that I really like.
  • Oh yea, it was FREE.
  • Seriously #Apple, I know the Beatles are a big deal but...
  • Had some snow flurries here in the Vee Ayy over the weekend. Earliest signs of snow in quite a while.
  • Are we connected on Facebook?
  • Picked up a copy of Power of a Whisper last week. I'm several pages in...
  • Had a great leadership dinner tonight for our star volunteer staff. The theme was taken from the movie Elf. Here's a pic of the star of the show.
  • I'm partnering with Water Missions International to provide safe water for communities in need across the globe.
  • So far I've only got 11 people to join my team. =(
  • Will you consider joining my team by donating $10? Ten dollars can save one life!
  • I enjoyed catching up with a couple of friends in the last few days, Marko and Tim.
  • I told Tim that I wanted to honor him in some way. He said "point to" Haha. Well, I might not do that... but I can encourage you, my dear readers, to show him some love.
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