10 Things Teenagers Need from Adults

A ministry partner & I conducted a survey of more than 500 teenagers a few years ago at a conference. The main question we asked was "What do you need most from adults?" I just re-read over the Top 10 list recently. Frankly, I don't think these answers would change if we were to do this survey all over again. . .
Here are 10 things teenagers need from adults:
#1: Get to know us! Don't make judgements or stereotypes based on your first impression.
#2: Believe in us! Never give up on us.
#3: Treat us with respect.
#4: Let us attempt great things! If we fail, provide support to us!
#5: LISTEN to us!
#6: Be positive role models.
#7: Make time for us.
#8: Have fun with us!
#9: Teach us what you know!
#10: Be an advocate for us.


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  1. # Blogger Rob

    Great list.  

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