The #NYWC Site is Live

The National Youth Worker's Convention Site launched just a few days ago. You can check out the new site and get registered [here]

Here's a few quick thoughts on this year's NYWC:
  • The conference is shorter, cheaper, and more awesome. Those qualities are definitely appealing to any conference goer.
  • I'm excited to see a few new faces on the speaker list
  • I think going from 3 conference locations to 2 will help the Youth Specialties (YS) team focus their energy on producing a bigger, better conference (not that it wasn't already) for attendees.
  • I'm excited about Mark Matlock's new role as executive director of YS. I thought it was interesting to see that he's not listed as a "big room speaker" (even though he may --rightfully-- be speaking there) but he's listed as a seminar speaker. This sorta thing speaks volumes to me (it's a good thing!).

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