#Orange11 Speaker Notes - Perry Noble

What you do TODAY will matter TOMORROW.
  • Many of us tell ourselves that what we do doesn't matter.
  • No one just signs up to do youth and children's ministry
  • When you have dreams about punting children its time to get out of ministry!
  • You are not "just a children's worker" or "just a youth worker"
  • In the feeding of the 5,000 in the Bible, who is the hero? The hero of the day is the unnamed person who packed this kids lunch.
  • Teach kids to recognize Jesus.
  • Some of the most messed up kids are church kids, because they don't recognize Jesus.
  • We try to teach our kids good moral behavior and end up separating the good kids from the bad ones.
  • Maybe lost people act like lost people. We should not expect lost people to act like believers.
  • Teach kids to trust Jesus.
  • Kids are taught they are an accident, not a creation of God.
  • It's a lie to tell kids they can do anything they want to do if they just believe in themselves (ie: people who audition for American Idol)
  • The truth is kids are created uniquely by God and He as a plan for their life. They need to surrender to Jesus and pursue his plan and not their own.
  • We need to release kids to Jesus.
  • There have been more church splits over the church van than anything else.
  • There's too much fighting and competing in the church today.
  • We are not responsible for reaching the next generation...
  • We are responsible for teaching kids to recognize Jesus and equipping them to reach their generation.

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