Extended Adolescence Symposium

There has been a lot of talk over the last couple years about 'extended adolescence.' It's become a bit of a phenomena because adolescence, at least in the U.S., seems to extend to around age 30. This, of course, leaves youth workers wondering about the implications in youth ministry.
I am excited to announce that my friends, Mark Oestreicher and Adam McLane (of the Youth Cartel), have created an event to explore this conversation. It's a one-day symposium that will be held the day after the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta in November... and they've invited a few people to speak on this topic (Dr. Jeffrey Arnett, Dr. Robert Epstein and Dr. Kara Powell).The Cartel created a KickStarter page to introduce this event and ask for your support. I've already backed this (put my $ where my mouth is) and ask you to join me.

I'm also excited about The Middle School Campference (another wonderful offering from the Cartel), for middle school workers in October! Be sure to check this amazing 2-day event coming to Evart, MI. Registration is limited, so reserve spots for your team today!!!

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  1. # Anonymous adam mclane

    Thanks for the love, Terrace. It means a ton. We're just an itty bitty company with really big dreams. :)  

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