Vote & Give $ To Youth Workers in Need!

On Saturday I viewed 18 videos from Youth Workers who entered the huge Christmas Giveaway my friend Tim Schmoyer is doing. Tim asked me to serve as one of the judges. I ended up watching all of the videos in the morning (all of them heart-wrenching stories) and spent time praying throughout the day over each story trying to find someway to narrow the field to just 4 people who deserved a shot at receiving the prize package. This was a tall order... as each person (all 18 persons actually) presented a great need that they had this Christmas.

Now we've turned things over to you to vote on those (4) final stories and pick the youth worker you think should be given the $1,500+. You may vote for up to two youth workers once per day until December 20, 2011 at 11:59PM. The youth worker who receives the most votes will receive all the money just in time for Christmas.

Here's the thing though... the youth worker can receive even MORE money if you either purchase a copy of Tim Schmoyer's latest ebook "Focused Youth Ministry" or buy a watch from (as half of the proceeds from these items will go to the fund!). Click on the videos below ... listen to the stories ... and vote with your heart.

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  1. # Anonymous Tim Schmoyer

    Thanks for posting about this, Terrace! I really appreciate it! And thank you for your help in pulling this off, too!  

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