Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • Whew... Sunday was a beast!
  • I'm tired of hearing about Britney Spears. Give the girl a break... and us too. This is worse than Michael Vick.
  • Our church secretary just returned from a cruise. I want to go on one. Badly.
  • Mexican food is good. Maybe too good.
  • I'm envisioning my future. It looks awesome. I love dreaming.
  • Spent time in prayer for our nation this morning. I'm seriously concerned.
  • I'm a little nervous about Halloween.
  • I challenged our students to double our attendance and I would dress up in the costume of their choice.
  • I wasn't thinking. They want me to dress like a baby.
  • Students rock. But they are cruel.
  • Chocolate is good! Especially all those Kit Kats on my desk. How did they get there?
  • Coca-Cola is the bomb-diggity. Man, I'm so addicted. I seriously need help.
  • Busch Gardens was incredible on Friday. Howl-o-Scream was great. More on that later.
  • I miss my family.
  • Christmas is 63 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes away. But who's counting?
  • I'm stoked about a Christmas event for children I'm hosting December 8th.
  • I think I'm addicted to blogging too.
  • Friends are really a gift. Especially the good ones.
  • My AC in my house is out. I hope it gets fixed today.
  • Our church had an awesome prayer walk through the neighborhood yesterday.
  • I'm loving that our church is getting a greater burden for our community!
  • I seriously have SO many books I want to read.
  • My stepfather is wonderful. Thank you God for sending him our way.


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