need 2 pray.

There have been many times in my life where I have been humbled.

I recall a time where I was speaking with a girl in college about prayer. She was telling me how she has different things she does to keep her prayer life interesting. She said ...
I have this custom that I do. I tag people's names up around my house. For instance, someone's name is on my mantle. Anothers is on my nightstand, etc. When I come face to face with that person's name I pray for them.

I thought that was the neatest idea. I immediately said ...
How about near the toilet? Anyone there? Can you put my name there? She laughed and said, actually your name is in my cupboard. Whenever I got to get a cup out of the cupboard I pray for you.

I was totally blown away. Here this girl prays for me and had been for a while and I had never prayed for her once. I was so humbled.

Earlier this afternoon I ran into a good friend. He began talking about prayer and how Jesus had convicted him recently of not spending time in prayer with his wife. He said ...
We have now committed to pray one night a week together. We pray for our children but we also pray for you.

Again, humbled. Humbled and need 2 pray.

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