Wakey Wakey!

I am currently visiting South Carolina as I was asked to speak today for an early service at a church. They have Sunrise Services here, which I'm not quite sure is a southern thing or not. I know they are more popular in the south, for sure. Speaking at 7AM is a tall order. Considering that my body doesn't really function until 10AM or after, it was tough.

I used a new tool this morning to wake myself up. It is called "Wakerupper." Wakerupper is the web's easiest telephone reminder tool... and its FREE. You simply go to their site... set the time you want your wake up call, enter your telephone number and you are DONE! I got my wake-up call this morning at o-dark-thirty, courtesy of the FREE service.

ChurchyDave told me about this neat tool. He seems to find out about all the cool new tricks and toys first, so I often turn to the ChurchyMedia guys to make my life a little easier.

By the way, a little birdie told me that ChurchyMedia will be spotlighting Wakerupper in an upcoming feature on their site.

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