The Proof is in the Popcorn

Our staff has taken on a pretty intense painting project over the last two months as we are redesigning our small group environments. This project didn't just call for paint. It also called for props, lighting and new media. Some time ago I approached my staff and suggested that we begin praying (not purchasing) over the items that we needed. One of those items was a commercial-grade popcorn popper.

We've seen God honor our faith and prayers as we started this project with literally no budget. Last week I was approached by a lady (randomly) who asked me "Could you guys use a commercial-grade popcorn popper at your church?" Uh...

God has blessed us beyond belief. We've seen the work of his hands even two years ago when we started another project, a recreational area for our students. Even though its a smaller space, it too needed just the right paint, equipment and good taste to make it right. Literally month-by-month we saw things come our way that we prayed for (not purchased)... a brand new pool table, Nintendo Wii, plasma TV, refrigerator, air-hockey table... and the list goes on.

I don't share this to boast about what we have nor am I suggesting that you have a lack of faith or belief in God if things you pray for don't come your way. My intent is to share the incredible way God has provided for our community here and I adequately want to celebrate what He has done.

God knows I've doubted Him numerous times in my journey but I'm learning to chronicle the work of his hands (the proof!) that He is very real -- active, present, working.

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3 Responses to “The Proof is in the Popcorn”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thank for sharing! Its always encouraging to me to hear how God is taking care of the needs of other ministries.  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Thanks Brian.  

  3. # Blogger Bill Wolfe

    Very cool. Thanks for posting that. I love hearing stories like this. Eph 3:20  

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