Since My Last Post...

Here’s what’s happened since my last post (9.53PM, EST - 06.16.2008):

  • Late Night Denny's run
  • 5 hours of good sleep (prior to stomach chaos)
  • Spent 3 hours paying for late night Denny's run (good sleep ruined)
  • Painted small group rooms
  • Returned 8 phone calls
  • 2 phone conferences
  • Lunch with Meredith, Children's Minister extraordinaire
  • Got extreme haircut (so no one will call me "mam" anymore)
  • 2 Showers (so fresh and so clean clean)
  • Filled car up with gas (ouch)
  • 234 emails read\deleted\sent
  • 4 Twitters
  • Scheduled 3 future meetings

    (ht to Josh for the idea)

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    1. # Blogger Rob

      Terrace, thanks for the comment! Meredith is a ninja in the world of children's ministry. The fact that she knows my name is an honor. She was telling me about your conversation about Twitter...I've got to check that thing out. Thanks again.  

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