10 Ways a Church Can Show Students Love

My boy, Josh Griffin, posted 10 things a church could do to show students love. I thought I'd share this with you.

10. Give the student ministry the best room in the building to meet in.
9. Don’t just tell them they are the future of the church, let them demonstrate it by giving some genuine leadership opportunities.
8. Program your weekend services with the “under 30″ crowd in mind.
7. Use a reference or illustration that intersect with their world.
6. Consider messages applications to a student’s life, not just adults.
5. Give them ownership of an entire weekend adult service.
4. Invite a few of them into the planning/brainstorming meetings for adult events/services.
3. Have some adult leadership show up to a youth service and join in.
2. Celebrate the student mission projects and trips in the adults services.
1. Let a student share a story/testimony in front of adults.

What did he miss?

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