I never leave home without...

What do you NEVER leave home without?

"Ever since I was 18, I've read a chapter of Proverbs every day. I carry a real small bible-The New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. I'm a nut for organization."
Mike Huckabee in People Magazine earlier this year.

John Edwards- "My ipod. I love Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen. It's nice to have a little time to yourself."
Mitt Romney- "A gallon-size bag of his wife's homeade oats-and-almond granola," and a Dora the Explorer bowl to remind him of this grandkids.
Barack Obama- "A webcam" to keep in contact with his family.
Hilary Clinton- "My blackberry."

For me its definitely my cell phone, money for lunch and most recently my man bag.

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5 Responses to “I never leave home without...”

  1. # Anonymous Travis Thompson

    I always carry my pocket notebook and a mini-pen. It was my New Year's Resolution last year to never go anywhere without it, and it's a habit that's stuck.  

  2. # Anonymous radiogal

    Lip gloss. It's a merciless fight against chapped lips!

    (not particularly spiritual, but hey.)  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thanks for your b-day wish... I must ask, why are there only two ladies on your blog roll? I think you need a little more mom blogs on that! :) H  

  4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Travis - I wish I stuck to my resolutions like you have. Good job.
    @ Radiogal - Judes! Ha... yea, not so spiritual, like mine. Actually, I'm a little addicted to chapstick lately. I never leave home without that either.
    @ WhitakerWoman - I'm not hatin...  

  5. # Blogger Roogles

    Hey... Is it too late to jump in on this?

    I never go anywhere without my iPhone.

    I also am constantly in possession of a fountain pen, a moleskin notebook, some post-it notes, and a pocket knife. Those few items are never more than an arm's reach away.

    Sorry to be a late responder... I'm horribly behind on blogs.  

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