Key Themes in Teens (2 of 3)

This is post 2 of 3 of a blog series where I'm sharing Key Themes of Today's Teenager. Funny, I typed the word "teenager" and my mind went back to a discussion I had just yesterday with some youth workers about the book "Do Hard Things," which I'm currently reading. The word ["teenager"] has only been around for about 75 years or so, as mentioned in the book. Prior to, students ages 13-19 were still called "children." There were only two different people groups: children and adults. You call one of your students a "child" today and they may punch you in the face... although that is not to say that they totally embrace the word "teenager", "adolescent" or any other term like so. :=)

And now, on to the research findings:

The average teenager today has the idea that everything is simple. Hmm... wonder where they got that from? If you walk down the aisle in your local bookstore you can see book titles like "Seven Steps to Smiling," "3 Quick, Easy Tips for Making it Big," "4 Sure-fire Ways to Keep a Girlfriend." You know what I mean. Those are all dumb titles I made up... but that is the world we live in. We dwell in the world of minute rice! Today's student lives the wonderful "Google Life" and TruResearch calls this theme "The Big Easy." Everything (and I do mean, everything) is as easy as 1, 2... nah, we don't need a 3.

Change is very common in the area where I currently live. Its a military community. We have families move in... and families move out. The average military kid [or "brat" as they seem to embrace (which I've never understood)] is accustomed to change. As our society would have it though, everyone is now experiencing change. Maybe not moving in and out of cities repeatedly ... but our world changes so quickly now that today's teenager is convinced that change is essential. (Sounds like a good political campaign slogan, right?) What is striking about this is that they are becoming more and more comfortable with change... and the danger (as I see it) is that they aren't bound to take stock in too much of anything because change is coming!   So the latest book recommends (yes, like the ones I mentioned earlier) will be in the trash can tomorrow and another book (that we ALL MUST READ because it will change our lives) will be suggested later this week.  This theme is called "obsolescence."  

Click here for part one of this blog series.

(Themes: TruResearch)

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