Who are YOU?

I love connecting. I guess its my woo-factor kickin in. Like the yellow pages slogan, I love reaching out and touching people. The difficulty here is that although I have lots of readers only a minority of my audience talk back to me -- by leaving comments, emailing or even twittering.

So I want to know... WHO ARE YOU?  

I want you to take a moment, write me and tell me WHO you are, WHERE you are, WHAT you do and WHAT you like about coming here to the blog. If you want to add a few extra comments (perhaps even including your website or twitter url so my readers can find you also) that is up to you. I want to connect with you... and I plan to respond to every single person that writes me. Additionally, if you include your mailing address you may even get a surprise in the near future in your mailbox (as I love blessing people with resources, freebies and random encouragement).

Note: If you wish not to leave your personal contact information here in the comments, please write me off the blog.

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30 Responses to “Who are YOU?”

  1. # OpenID chrisrivers

    I am not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but bottom line you make me laugh. I mostly follow you on twitter...I like the micro blogging thing you know what I am saying... I work with Churches in the software industry so I hear/see different things and your insights are relevant to my Industry. You inspire a lot of people. Thanks for that... keep it coming!!  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Thanks Chris! Great to connect with you. I sure appreciate your kind words. Glad to see you are connecting w\ me on twitter... and I love the fact that I'm bringing some laughter to your day. I certainly try to. Where are you? If you choose not to leave that info here, send me a comment off blog.


  3. # Blogger Jason Curlee

    Jason Curlee...Corpus Christi, TX...campus pastor for Bay Area Fellowship...I just like looking at the funny picture of you....that's it...I come every day for a laugh...J/K  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Great blog. But, your blog is your outward expression of you (online)!! So don't worry about who leaves comments on your posts. Blog because you love to blog, and do it with no expectations from your audience. Some of us just read to read.

    Is your purpose just to connect with people to find out what they think of you and your blog, or is it for the greater good of the kingdom?

    Why I ask is because of this statement "The difficulty here is that although I have lots of readers only a minority of my audience talk back to me"
    It seems that is what your main objective is. Anyway, keep up the good work.  

  5. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Curlee - You have officially been "dropped" from the Christmas card list.  

  6. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Mr or Ms Annonymous - Thanks for the comment (who ever you are). My purpose is for the greater kingdom, of course. I did not choose my words carefully, I see, because the word "difficulty" was basically being used to describe how hard it is sometimes to connect (or engage) the audience -- without knowing what brings people here. While I appreciate your thought, there is nothing wrong with a poll of sorts. I was only straight up curious "who reads," "where they are," and "what they like." These are things that Google Analytics or Feedburner doesn't provide. No harm done with me being interested in building community here. Thanks again for the comment.  

  7. # Blogger C-Lowe

    Hey Terrace. I can't remember how I arrived at your blog either, but I follow you on twitter as well. I am a full time school teacher married to a volunteer student minister in Coinjock, NC. (Just south of the VA border). I do all the tech junk with the student ministry and am also in charge of our church's media matters. I think it is cool that you are so close to us (geographically) and I love to see what you're up to and steal all your good ideas!  

  8. # Blogger AngelAmidala

    I'm Jenn....I go by AngelAmidala pretty much everywhere now though it wasn't my original internet name. I live in a small town in New York called Wappingers Falls. I have a full time secular job at a local college in the IT department. I work with the youth at a UMC in the area and also I do a variety of ministry work with a Messianic congregation in PA. I started reading your blog after you added me on Twitter and I really enjoy what you have to say there and here. I also enjoy the Manic Monday Minute and You Tubesday entries. I think there's not a whole lot left to say without rambling on so I shall say that I will be contacting you off here with mailing information.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!  

  9. # Blogger samwise

    hey there terrace...i'm tom roepke. i live in north central ohio. i'm the pastor of u-18 minisitries at new hope community church in loudonville, oh. i'm also a state mentor for http://www.pdymblog.com. the outpost website is http://www.newhopewired.tv. the youth blog is http://newhopewired.homestead.com/theevolution.html.
    i'm not sure exactly how i found you, but been tracking your travels and exploits on twitter. my personal blog is http://samgamgee.org and on twitter its samgamgee.

    i am grateful for your heart and passion to grow a sense of community. grateful too that you asked. keep making it happen my friend. blessings!  

  10. # Anonymous Shane Kennard

    Shane Kennard

    Just want to keep up with someone "in the know" to see what God is doing with them!

    In Baldwinsville, NY church planting.  

  11. # Anonymous Molly

    I don't remember how I found you...but whatever you said on that day must have clicked because you are in my reader now dood!

    I have a 13 yr old, so I like reading what student and youth leaders are doing around the country. Hope and all that!

    I also follow you on twitter.


  12. # Blogger Step

    I emailed you also, but I'm Step. Found you through Twitter via @shaunking.

    I'm in the ATL area and need some common sense and church planters to balance out the heavy liberal bent of the techies I mainly communicate with!

    Been involved with a few church plants, you guys seem to keep following me around. ;) Cool to see what God's doing - I like your blog because it's always a concise read and often funny.

    I'm at http://ransomedhome.com and http://twitter.com/randomstep. I am pretty random as implied - family, philosophical, technical topics are common.  

  13. # Anonymous Jeff M. Miller

    I'm Jeff M. Miller, worship leader at New Hope Baptist Church in Aubrey, TX (just north of DFW).

    I'm an avid blogger too, @ www.consumingworship.org , and I completely feel your pain about having readers who don't talk back much.

    I'm not exactly sure how I first ran across your blog or your tweets, but I'm a reader of both.

    I'm @joymark on twitter if you're interested.  

  14. # Blogger friend_of_sinners

    Tim Tibbles, Worship Minister in Owasso, OK. Not sure how I found you or if you found me but either way I have enjoyed following you both on twitter and your blog. Keep up the great work.


  15. # Anonymous Jeff Slack 1

    Hey Terrace: my name is Jeff Slack and I think maybe we connected through Len Evans. I've been working in youth ministry now 20 years and have just launched a new family non-profit called Connect The Family. Our goal is to provide ideas, resources and opportunities to help families draw closer together. I'm almost finished with a book called Connect The Family:100 ideas to bring your family closer. I attend Mosaic church and help with young families and with jr. highers. I'm proud to call you one of my twitter friends, God bless you.  

  16. # Blogger Bridget Delaney

    I'm Bridget Delaney. For a long time I was the volunteer youth minister at St. Paul Lutheran - ELCA in Lake Charles, LA and my family had to leave because of horrible accusations and rumors.

    However, I'm still very into youth ministry and I'm going to be running a workshop at the end of January called "Using Minimalist Theater to Liven Youth Ministry."

    As for work, I write for Associated Content - www.associatedcontent.com/bridgetidelaney/ and get a "commission" per thousand page views (so anybody viewing those helps).

    You can read a lot of my religious thoughts here as I'll be posting them here.

    I don't feel comfortable leaving my contact info here on your blog, so I'll DM you on twitter.  

  17. # Blogger C. Randall Waters

    Terrace, Like many others I can't recall how I stumbled upon your blog. I think it was either through twitter or one blog linking to yours but it doesn't matter. I'm from Cincinnati, OH and I am a Young Life Leader. I spend most of my time diving into the community of teens trying to show them Christ. I seek to do that in a relevant way and your thoughts on your blog have been good for me to keep thinking outside the box. Following you on twitter has also been great for me to feel connected to the bigger community of youth leaders. Keep it up!


  18. # Anonymous bryan

    Bryan Hill, I am not sure how I found your site, but the reason I return is you make laugh. and laugh hard! Good inspiring stuff while keeping the humor. I feel that is important in life, not to take things so seriously. i also follow you on twitter. I live outside of Pittsburgh, PA, I am a stay at home Dad of two precious little girls. I am considered by most a tech junky. Keep up the great work and have blessed day!  

  19. # Anonymous Paul

    Paul Fryant...Branson, MO...Director of 28association.com a resource to help ministry folks get through their administrative stuff so they can spend more time with people...I've started following your blog and twitter because it's both funny and a great insight into the youth ministry world...  

  20. # Anonymous Chuck Harris

    I'm Chuck Harris
    I live in the DFW metroplex (McKinney to be more specific)
    I'm a currently unemployed worship pastor.
    i follow you on twitter and like your take on ministry and life so that's why i read your blog. oh, and the cool videos like the one of Tony Campolo.

    i love free stuff and i am a voracious reader so if you have extra books lying around you can send them my way
    9787 Old Field
    McKinney, TX 75070  

  21. # Blogger Rev. Joseph, Randi, Rachel & Rebekah Gormong

    Joe Gormong
    Faith Wesleyan Church Terre Haute, Indiana
    Ground Zero Student Ministries Pastor
    been in student ministry for over 13 years

    we are friends on:


    not sure maybe others?

    beg borrow & steal is the greatest youth ministry tool, so i LOVE connections over the web.

    have a good day,


  22. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @CLowe - I've actually heard of Coinjock. Been through there a couple of times - when traveling to Cape Hatteras.
    @ Jenn - Great to hear of your ministries. Yea, readers seem to really like the M3 and YouTubesday.
    @Sam - Glad to connect with you and hear what you are doing in OH (and beyond!). I did some mission work in OH earlier this year (Logan\Lancaster area).
    @Shane - I've known you for a while. Excited to hear more about what God is doing in NY.
    @Molly Mac - Glad u are here. Teenagers are fun. If I were your son I'd be stoked to know that you are blogging & twittering! What a cool mom!
    @Step - Glad u found me bro. I'm a fairly new acquaintance of Shaun's but I love seeing what God is doing with him in Atlanta. Also, its funny you mentioned that I am a church planting guy. I'm actually a minister to students -- who hangs out with church planters. :-)
    @Jeff -- Ah... from the continent of TX huh? I've checked your blog out. Love seeing how God is using you to lead his people in genuine worship. Keep on keepin on!
    @Tim - Anyone that calls himself a friend of sinners is a friend of mine. Also, not a bad thing that you are a worship leader. I have lots of worship leader friends. You guys blow me away with your talent.
    @Jeff - Good ole' Len. There's a cool guy. I haven't heard of your ministry before but I plan to check it out. Your book sounds great!
    @Bridget - Your work sounds interesting. Thanks for letting us know where to find you.
    @Clyde- I'm assuming that is the name you go by. I'm always glad to connect with you Young Life guys. I respect your ministry and want to further connect with you. Hope to chat with you about what you are doing specifically in your area soon.
    @Bryan - Thanks for the encouragement. I am glad to know that I'm bringing humor to so many. That is definitely on my daily agenda. :-)
    @Paul - I'm glad we've recently connected via Facebook. I was interested to hear about your services and glad Kent sent you my way. He is a great guy. I've since told several people about your organization.
    @Chuck - You've gotta love Tony. I think we need a little "Tony" in our lives. Glad you also seek a dose of my stuff here and on twitter. Its great to have you in the community.
    @Joe - Glad u are here bro. I certainly try to offer resources here, although I don't lead the way in that respect. Keep up the great ministry in IN. Love the name of your YM.


  23. # Blogger Mike Conner

    Name is Mike Conner. I am in Parkersburg WV. I am Student Minister at Pine Grove Baptist Church.
    Address is 12717 Emerson Ave Parkersburg WV 26104. (church address)
    We are connected on facebook and twitter.

    Like your blog. good content and fun to read.

    my twitter is twitter.com/mikecon  

  24. # Anonymous Ben Arment

    Ben Arment. Friend of yours. Catalyst experience director. Love seeing your hair styles change over time.  

  25. # OpenID adininny.com

    Aaron Dininny...Youth Pastor...Ocean View Baptist Church...same city as you...I'm the guy that meets with you every week and occasionally does an event with you and your students. (just in case you forgot)
    I read your blog because you guilt me into it :-)  

  26. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Mike- Welcome. I went through WV this summer and it was quite the experience I'll say. You nearly go into culture shock just driving through. :-)
    @Ben- Glad we're friends. I get bored with the same old hairstyles, ya know?
    @Dininny- I'm sorry, who are you again?


  27. # Blogger bc

    Hey Terrance, I'm Nick. I'm 26yrs old and a youth minister in NJ. I've been doing it for about two years, but have just started recently to make the ministry my own and start changing things.

    I don't know when or why I started reading your blog, but I like what you have to say and I am always looking to grow in my own faith and in my ministry, so THANKS!  

  28. # Blogger writerandy

    Randy Moore - Student Minister - Milwood Baptist Church in Austin, Tx I found the blog through twitter via Nic Burleson. I am not a blogger, but enjoy reading blogs from those who do it well, and you do. I also like free stuff so hit me up 12217 Cassady Drive, Austin, Tx 78727  

  29. # Anonymous daniel d

    I'm Daniel. From Jacksonville, FL. I'm a communications, marketing, leverage building guy. I work with authors and professional speakers to build their brands and exposure. I also work with a few churches on communications and outreach strategy.

    I blog at www.danieldecker.net with mostly thoughts on life, church, interesting finds, etc.  

  30. # Blogger Rob

    Terrace, I follow your blog...but you found me. Your comment on my blog months ago is what started it all.  

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