The WOW Factor

One of the things I have found in ministry in the last few years is that it is getting harder and harder to WOW people. You know, to make people say "WOW!" Everyone is so stinking different... and their WOW factors are different too. And thats not necessarily a bad thing.

I think I would thrive working for an organization like Catalyst because major event planning and production gets me going. For this post I'd like to use their latest conference as an example of what I'm talking about when I speak of said WOW factor. Exactly how do you plan an event for such a diverse crowd? I cannot speak for their team but I imagine that the thrill of steering a ship like Catalyst would be the response of the audience. If the leadership in their organization were honest they would probably admit that hearing each person say "WOW" is what gives them drive in their planning. They, of course, don't do what they do for applause... or even just for the response... but their planning is for a greater cause -- to impact and grow the next generation of leaders through world-class experiences.

One of the things that was most interesting to me after attending Catalyst was the mixed reviews I heard after the fact. Some thought a certain speaker was compelling while another slept through his talk. Others thought the production was too much while another group thought it was just right. Sheesh. We've never been so hard to please.

Ben Arment on his blog mentioned that Catalyst raised the bar on the production this year. Were you impressed? Nice theatre in the round feel...360 LED screen...did I hear a WOW?

... and remember the Daraja African Children’s Choir? They led worship for one of the general sessions at the conference. Later in a debriefing with a leader I said "wasn't that cool?" His exact words were "that didn't move me." I laughed. Translation: "That didn't WOW me."

There may not be one solid person who doesn't like Andy Stanley speaking from the Catalyst main stage. If there is one I have never met them. He is so favored that Catalyst gave him two slots this year...booked him for the Catalyst One Day events and he will probably be on the main stage in 2009. Does this make you say WOW?

What does it for you? What makes you say WOW?

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4 Responses to “The WOW Factor”

  1. # Blogger Nic Burleson

    One of the things that most often makes me say "wow" is the excellence down to the detail. Whether it's in a speaker's presentation and delivery or the way Catalyst had thought of every single detail down to the signs you saw as you exited the freeway toward the event. More often than not, that type of excellence gets my "wow factor" attention.  

  2. # Anonymous Tim Wade

    Back when I was in school getting trained to be a preacher boy, one my professors gave us some really sage advice.If we went for the WOW factor each Sunday, we would have to constantly top ourselves each week. It's like a dog chasing his tail.

    When the speaker is well prepared, articulate, and I am able to focus without distraction on what the Holy Spirit is saying to me through the message, when the Spirit of God bears witness with mine and His love overwhelms me, then and only then do I sense the WOW factor. If God can't do it, nothing can do it.  

  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Nic - Their attention to detail is fabulous. This also makes me say WOW.
    @Tim - Thanks for your comment. I've contemplated what you mentioned in your first paragraph before. Kind of stuff I think about along with the question 'How do we measure success?' Sometimes we have it ALL backwards I think.


  4. # Blogger 柯云
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