Random... yet Linkalicious

I'd like to provide you, o blog reader, with links to goodness:
Here are some things I ran across in the last few days...

  • This is a great article on how to take your low-traffic site to a whole notha level. What trips me out most about his site is that if you check out the number of readers (according to feedburner) on his site its 6 billion (thats right, you heard me). Isn't that like the number of people on planet earth? ;=)
  • Loved this post about book titles. very creative. very funny!
  • A very thought-provoking, heartfelt-yet-controversial post from this guy (who is actually posting final messages to his blog this week).
  • A friendly holiday shopping guide from Seth Godin (via Zak) and a shopping guide for geeks from Kevin Rose.
  • Congrats to Dabo Swinney Clemson's new head coach! I heard he attends this guy's church.
  • I literally don't enjoy my day as much when this guy doesn't post (its like my cup o java first thing in the morning). It is my favorite blog to read... and not just because he is my friend. Can't wait for the next post...
  • My good friend Josh is now doing movie reviews for YouthMinistry.com. He just reviewed Twilight, a movie that I don't mind mentioning that I enjoyed.

    I would have had more links for you but most blogs were very inactive this week... What did I miss?
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