Celebrate My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Celebrate with me!

Shoutouts welcome: I love a good shoutout. I've already gotten numerous shoutouts even before the big day but you've got several ways to do it... so have at it! You can reach me by email, on facebook, twitter me, myspace it, leave a comment here on the blog, make a video (would LOVE that) and leave the URL in the comments, send me some snail mail or give me a call.

Make a Donation: If you've been following my blog recently you know I've been passionate about raising awareness of the great need for shoes around the world. Numerous bloggers have joined this cause to help raise 50,000 shoes in just 50 days. If you had planned to give me a present or a monetary gift, please consider donating to this cause instead. If you choose to donate, please make me aware of your gift.

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  1. # Anonymous Rebecca

    Happy Birthday to You my friend! I praise God for the day you were born! I pray that you will have the best day ever and that you will play, laugh, sing, whatever brings you joy! Go for it baybay! Much love to you---Rebecca  

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