Picture Me... with Blue Hair.

I've never been real big into gimmicks or the 'bait and switch' methods in youth ministry but I'm considering it.  This summer we've been building momentum for our fall launch but I'm interested in giving our kick-off a little more attention by doing something crazy

(Yes, I'm caffeinated right now).

Some youth pastors have buzzed their hair,  been tar and feathered or perhaps even eaten a live goldfish on the spot?  (yea, I witnessed a youth pastor do that one -- and, for the record, I would never do that) to hype an event and get students to show up.   

While there are certain things I just won't do, nothing would thrill me more than to see students get more excited about our fall launch than I am.  Bottom line:  we want to see students come to Christ and we're laying the groundwork and creating an environment for that to happen. 

I'm interested in knowing what has been effective for you in creating hype over your series launch or ministry event?  Have you done something crazy?  Tell me your story

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  1. # Blogger Danny

    i've waxed my eyebrows like a girl. once offered to shave my legs, but they didn't accomplish the goal for the leg shaving one.  

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