Win Free Resources for You & a Friend

I'm doing a little cleaning of the resource warehouse and have a number of resources that I want to give away. They are just too good for me not to share them with you. This time around I thought it would be cool for you to share the love... so basically you are entering for yourself and a twitter friend (aka "tweet peep").
Here is how you win: Just leave a comment with your twitter name (@whomeveryouare) and the name of a twitter friend (@whomevertheyare) and you both will be entered to win! (Hurry, contest closes Thursday, July 30, 2009 - 3:00PM est.) Then make sure you tell your twitter friend that you have entered their name into this contest. They can in turn enter this contest as well by following the same steps! You'll have your name entered twice... giving you a chance to win one of the following resources:

What I'm giving away: *A book of your choice: Tribes by Seth Godin; Less Clutter Less Noise by Kem Meyer; Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris; Killing Cockroaches by Tony Morgan; Deep Ministy in a Shallow World by Chap Clark; Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry by Jeannie Oestreicher and Larry Warner... among other selections!

Increase your prize: I'll also throw in some free music (a CD for both you & a friend) if you tweet about this contest and leave the URL to your status\update in the comments (in your original entry please) as proof. (Just add this to your comment with @yourtwittername & your @twitterfriendname).

Recommendation of Tweet: @terracecrawford is giving away some resources #FREEresources

Good luck! Winner to be chosen at random (via sometime after 3:00PM EST. on Thursday, July 30. One entry (two winners -- you and your friend) to be chosen by yours truly. Entries only accepted in the comments field of this post. *Winner will receive first choice in resources while friend will receive second choice. *Each participant must have a valid twitter account in order to be officially entered.

WINNER ANNOUNCED:   Congrats @ericebbinghaus  and @markladams 

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28 Responses to “Win Free Resources for You & a Friend”

  1. # Blogger brianmetz

    Hey, @brianmetz would love free resources and so would @joshbritt  

  2. # Blogger Bryon

    @bryonharvey & @billholbrook are in for free stuff  

  3. # Anonymous john mark skammer

    Sweet! @johnmarkskammer and @rvayp would love some free stuff ... And next time you (tc) are in richmond wed love to treat u to lunch! Peace.  

  4. # Anonymous Tyler

    @tylahevans and @joshwahhh are always down for free stuff.  

  5. # Blogger AlDancySpeaks

    Hey Terrace,

    This is an awesome give away. Thanks for looking to share to love w/ others. @ADancy and @steveblumer would love some free resources.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @amytouchette and @thesnuffy


  7. # Anonymous Rachael Day

    @rachaelday and @richlubbers
    Gotta Love the free stuff. Thanks for sharing.  

  8. # Anonymous Ryan Garber

    @ryangarber & @cynthiagarber  

  9. # Anonymous Tina Scali

    Hey there! @tinascali would love to receive some free stuff and so would @ronscali ! Thanks Muches @terracecrawford!  

  10. # Blogger AngelAmidala

    Hello hello!

    I am @angelamidala, and I would love to win stuff along with my Twitter friend @kagomeshuko. :)  

  11. # Anonymous James Reardon

    @jamesreardon has stumbled upon this page (since I'm always checking here anyway), and thusly has attached @bradvancleave to this as well. Great guy. And we both like free stuff.  

  12. # Blogger PAC PodCast

    @tonyroos and @chrisfolkestad would love free stuff. free stuff is their middle name.  

  13. # Anonymous brandi

    Awesome! @brandi_an would love some free stuff. I hear @am_mgmt would too.  

  14. # Anonymous aaron

    I hear that @am_mgmt would like some free stuff and so would @brandi_an  

  15. # Blogger Bridget Delaney

    My Twitter name is @kagomeshuko and a Twitter friend is @RachaelDickson  

  16. # Blogger D

    @CaptainKlepto says we would like to win @allsag like really really want to win.  

  17. # Anonymous Jeff

    @allsag Just doing the same for my @Captainklepto friend  

  18. # Anonymous Crystal

    @squeakerteacher says we would like to win @CaptainKlepto like really really want to win.  

  19. # Blogger adininny

    sign @adininny up, along with @booboocraig  

  20. # Blogger Rev. Joseph, Randi, Rachel & Rebekah Gormong

    @pastorjoe & @pastorshan would LOVE for you to share some love in the form of FREE resources  

  21. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Count me in. @thompsonland and my wife, too. @kristinthompson  

  22. # Blogger Eric

    this link will suit better for @ericebbinghaus and @markladams to get free stuff  

  23. # Anonymous Tina Scali

    @tinascali and her friend Michael Waltrip @mw55 would love to win some free stuff. Thanks Terrace  

  24. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sweet. Thanks for the contests. @thejakers and @praxisjustin both like free stuff.  

  25. # Anonymous Tonja

    @tonjac and @travisedgerton would love any of these!  

  26. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @LetMeBeFranks and @adamwmoore just went way over the 2009 budget. We need stuff to read in the unemployment line.  

  27. # Anonymous Tonja

    didn't have this when I left last comment:  

  28. # Blogger Terrace Crawford


    Winners announced in post. Thanks for your participation in this round!


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