Personal Prayer Post

I don't really post personal prayer requests here often (or at least as much as I do on twitter) but so much is going on right now that I need to share the burden.

Here are some snapshots of prayer requests (in random order):
  • My stepfather, Jimmie, lost his job with GM earlier this week.
    Please say a prayer for an open door.
  • My grandfather, Marion, experienced a stroke this last week. He is recovering okay but still needs prayers for complete healing.
  • My sister, Christina, needs prayer - personal request.
  • I'm currently in need of a car but thank God for loaner he has provided temporarily for me.
  • My church,Crossroads, has planned a huge community outreach this week for families. Say a prayer that we connect with people who need Christ.

    Here are some snapshots of praises (in random order):
  • I just finished speaking at a week-long missions project. We experienced Christ and saw 17+ people give their lives to God this week! Pray for God's continued work in the community where we worked and in the lives of students who I shared the week with.
  • I thank God for provision of a loaner car while I stand in need of a permanent ride.
  • Jimmie has some incredible leads on a job (one in particular that we are hoping he gets).

    What prayer requests & praises would you like to share?


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    1. # Blogger thattaylorgirl

      I'm prayin'!

      Personal request -
      I'm an unemployed youth paster/wannabe writer - looking for direction and open doors. Not sure what God's working out and frustrations are mounting - bills are piling up - and I am also without a car!  

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