Free Honey for the Ears

One of my favorite things about working in radio years ago was all the fringe benefits - like getting free music. Occasionally I still get free music but I can't reveal my sources. :=)

A kind provider just gave me 10 Jami Smith CDs to giveaway to you, my dear readers. If you would like a copy of Jami Smith's album "Bravo God" just leave a comment with your full name and your current location or territory where you live. I'll select 10 winners (at random) on this Tuesday, July 14, 2009.

  • There will be only 10 winners chosen, at random.
  • Winners will be announced in this post on July 14, 2009.
  • Winners are responsible for emailing me their full name and address where to ship free music after contest ends.

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  • 21 Responses to “Free Honey for the Ears”

    1. # Blogger Mark

      I love me some music!!!!!

      Mark from Missouri  

    2. # Blogger Billy Leach

      i'm all about some FREE tunes..

      Billy Leach in Florence,SC  

    3. # Anonymous Stephen Bateman

      My birthday is July 9th...just sayin :P  

    4. # Blogger aacyouth

      Paul Georgulis...Altoona, PA  

    5. # Blogger Brittany

      Oops...forgot my last name! Brittany martin in Heber Springs, AR  

    6. # Blogger Tyler

      Tyler Daniels in Norfolk has actually seen Jami Smith in concert. Free CD = good.  

    7. # Blogger Pastor Thad

      I'm down with free!!
      Thad White in Soldotna, AK! that's right Alaska!!!  

    8. # Blogger PAC PodCast

      Music is good
      Tony in Cheeseland (wisconsin  

    9. # Blogger Chuck Harrison

      I think your boss deserves some Jami.
      Your boss.  

    10. # Blogger Beth

      It would be unfair to pick your boss, although he is incredibly cool.

      Bravo Terrace.

      Bravo Jami.

      BRAVO all! Pick me, pick me!!!  

    11. # Blogger Art Good

      Art Good

      Mooresville, IN


    12. # Anonymous Adam Barnett

      Love Jami Smith. She's from around my area... great worship leader!

      Hope all is well, friend.  

    13. # Anonymous Michael Levitt

      Mike Levitt from Amherstburg, Ontario Canada!

      Have a blessed rest of the day!  

    14. # Blogger John

      John Ko from Berkeley, CA. interested cuz I haven't heard of her.  

    15. # Blogger John Mark

      I want some free ear honey.
      John Mark (Richmond, VA)  

    16. # Blogger Chuck

      i have no legitamite reason (like an upcoming birthday) for you to give me a CD...but I sure would like one.

      btw...just came across your blog today and am enjoying it. keep up the good work!

      Chuck - St. Peters, MO (just outside of St. Louis)  

    17. # OpenID jenniferherrick

      Jen Herrick in Tallahassee, FL  

    18. # Anonymous Shawn Michael Shoup

      Great artist!

      Shawn Michael Shoup in Rapid City, SD.  

    19. # Anonymous Anonymous

      sounds great!! please & thank you!! ;)

      from Vanessa Dobson, British Columbia  

    20. # Anonymous Ryan Garber

      Ryan Garber in Beaufort, SC  

    21. # Anonymous MandoRon

      Ronnie Burgess in Wichita, KS  

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