Help Me Raise $3000 in 3 Weeks!

I blogged recently about how my faith was on the rise. God has certainly increased my faith through several things he has done in recent weeks that I truly consider miracles.  

In the post I mentioned,  I also stated that I was anticipating another miracle. I want to take students to Charleston this summer to minister in urban communities and we need money to make it happen. I set a goal of $3000 that I needed to raise in 3 weeks (to even consider going) and we are falling short of that goal.  The situation doesn't look good -- but I'm hopeful.  I've been able to help raise $880 so far but we've got a distance to go to make it a reality.   Would you consider helping us in this endeavor?  I'm certainly more about giving than receiving on this blog but I feel led to share the need with this community and trust God for the results.  Any support - whether by prayer or financial is appreciated.

If you'd like to give a tax deductible contribution, email me for the details.

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3 Responses to “Help Me Raise $3000 in 3 Weeks!”

  1. # Blogger Pastor Doug

    Try asking people personally. Had 6 conversations last week asking people for $$$. All 6 said yes. The single best way to raise money is to ask personally.  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Pastor Doug, would you like to donate towards our goal? :=)

    Thanks for the feedback. And yes, I am asking people personally as well.


  3. # Anonymous Stephen Bateman

    Hey Terrence, I'm Stephen. I'm not sure if I can contribute or not, let me pray about it, but dude, I live in Charleston SC, when are ya'll going??

    Email me if you've got an update and we'll see what's up.


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