Since my last post...

Here’s some highlights since my last post (1.52PM, EST - 06.22.2009)
  • Made 3 visits to Starbucks.
  • Filled my car up with gas twice.
  • Cut myself shaving 3 times.
  • Made a little music video with the Crossroads staff.
  • Viewed three movies: Land of the Lost, Transformers and Yes Man (for the second time).
  • 392 emails readdeletedsent
  • Twittered 46 times.
  • Slept 54.3 hours.
  • Attempted to make fried chicken. Yes, I said "attempted."
  • Attended a wedding.
  • Interviewed 2 innovative leaders.
  • Helped raise $930+ more dollars towards our mission goal.
  • Listened to a TON of Michael Jackson's songs. Sad he is gone.
  • Started a new myspace page for our student ministry.
  • Got my hair did. I'm sportin a new style.
  • Scheduled 2 future meetings.
  • Got terrible news from my mechanic. My car is dead. I need a new motor or a new car.
  • Had lunch with the staff of Waters Edge Church and toured their new facility

  • Coming up this week here on the blog I will share:

  • An interview with 2 pastors leaving their positions to plant new churches
  • A personal meme where you'll find out more about who I am
  • A little music video our staff made
  • Another sweet resource giveaway
  • More cool stuff

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    7 Responses to “Since my last post...”

    1. # Blogger Martha

      I thought the music video was great. I love that our staff is so shamelessly goofy. New haircut looks good too!  

    2. # Blogger Colleen Foshee

      I love your quirkyness...and your post.  

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