Site Shout: Innovative Ministry Leader

I spent some time last week on the phone with one of the co-founders of Innovative Ministry  IML offers web-based training from some of the most notable, innovative speakers and leaders today.   The training is centered around five key areas: worship, marketing, technology, culture, and leadership.

After getting access to the site, I spent some time watching some of the training myself - including videos from the archive from Mark Batterson and Anne Jackson.  
While conferences may never die (and I personally hope they don't), training that is both affordable and convenient (online) is something I think we'll begin to see more of.  Innovative Ministry Leader is at the forefront of this movement and producing some good stuff!  I highly encourage you to check them out... and if you decide to become a member I can offer you a 10% discount code if you use my last name: Crawford

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