If you know me I'm all about collaboration.  It's the way of the Kingdom.  I think too many people get caught up in drawing denominational lines and guarding personal territories that they forget we are in this together. I can't help but get excited when I see it go the other way. Here are just a few highlights of a "Kingdom mindset" as I call it:
  • A church recently gives a trailer and portable equipment to another church.
  • A church with a heart for church-planting provides grants to new church start-ups.
  • A church provides tons of free resources from sermon series to other ministries globally. 
  • A church could have went on the defensive when another church moved into the neighborhood but instead welcomed them with open arms by intially changing their marquee to a message welcoming the new church to the neighborhood.

    I'd love to see more of this action.  More collaboration.  I sincerely believe its the Kingdom way.  I'd specifically love to see it among youth ministries.   Whose with me?

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4 Responses to “Collaboration.”

  1. # Blogger ayers.brian

    very cool in deed. Great examples of this!  

  2. # Blogger Chuck Harrison

    A church that would give grants to church plants must be an awesome church ... with an awesome pastor!  

  3. # Anonymous adam barnett

    This is great, bro. Good thoughts. 100% agree.  

  4. # OpenID levittmike

    Over the past three years, my wife has ran the VBS camp at our church. She has purchased a lot of VBS supplies from another church in Northern Michigan, that holds their VBS a week before ours.

    Their church is able to recoup some of their costs, and our church was able to save some budgetary funds for additional VBS supplies.

    God wants all of us to be in relationships, and not separated by church buildings.


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