Broken People

My heart has been broken for people in need lately. I thank God for that. My prayer is that we, as church leaders, never forget the broken. That we actually see (and respond) to people in need. I spend a lot of time praying for these folks. In the Church today I think we sometimes get so far removed from where people are. We are living life in our little church bubble.
I was reading the blog of a pastor yesterday who had an affair months ago and has been removed from the world of church leadership and has transitioned to what he calls "the real world." After reading his post it further underscores my point that we have segregated ourselves. And for what reason? The Church I pray for is a Church that sees people in need, has compassion on them, and is called to action.

Video courtesy of TK McKamy. Shot & Edited by TK McKamy for the STORY Conference. Music by Lifehouse.

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  1. # Blogger BCSM

    like most churches we have a ministry called celebrate recovery. it reaches to people who have hurts, habits, and hang ups. so many people are touched by this ministry and their lives have been forever changed. i'm kind of in a weird place right now though with helping a person of need in our church. i have bought groceries, given rides, picked them up from dangerous situations, had numerous conversations, tried to enroll them in programs that help w/ jobs, etc. as a Christ follower i'm sad to say i've lost my compassion for her. i just feel used (which is how we treat Jesus btw). her lifestyle hasn't changed. i feel that i have been a source of enablement. honestly, i'm tired of being hit up for money, and the "front" she puts up about Jesus working in her life. I PRAY HE IS! it seems to be the same old stuff though.
    i just need some wisdom here. honestly, i've just pulled away from her, because i felt it was "safe" for my little girls. not very Christ like of me.
    sorry this was so long. am i the only christian who has been in this boat?  

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