Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • What a Monday! Talk about M-A-N-I-C. How was yours?
  • I didn't even tweet all day today.
  • Yes, that is a bit strange for me. Definitely not normal activity.
  • Watched the U2 webcast last night with millions of others. It was incredible! They broadcast their concert live from the Rose Bowl in Pasedena, CA.
  • The quality of the webcast was unprecedented.
  • I keep going from hot to cold in my house. I can't seem to get my temp regulated. Urrgh.
  • My facebook seems all jacked up lately. In fact, I sent a message out to one of my networks on Saturday and they just got it today. weird!
  • WinterJam Tour artists have been announced.
  • I watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire on Friday. It was really good.
  • Cultivate and STORY are this week. Hope both go incredibly well.
  • Praying for two church leaders who resigned from their churches on Sunday.
  • We had a great SHINE festival on Sunday. Lots of guests on our campus that day.
  • Glad to see my friend Marko is blogging again.
  • If you haven't clicked to become a fan on Facebook yet, you can do so [here]
  • I'll be doing giveaways at random there.
  • Lots of people getting sick. Hoping to steer clear of it here.
  • A paper mill in Franklin, VA announced its closing. Over 1,100 people just lost their jobs. Very devastating to that community... and to Virginia.
  • I have sooo many books on my list to read. Lots of people are suggesting them to me lately. I don't know where to start...
  • Weather was AWESOME this past weekend. I even did some biking in Va Beach on the boardwalk.
  • Just as I typed the last line the heavens opened up and the rain started pouring. =)
  • Yard work was also accomplished this weekend. I have a nice callous to prove it.
  • Really getting a kick lately out of the Fail Blog. Check it for yourself.
  • Going to see a midnight showing of This is It tomorrow evening. I cannot wait.
  • Good night San Diego. Thanks for stopping by.

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