Where Movements Begin...

Movements begin with prayer. I don't know why we don't seem to get it. Maybe its just me but it seems like we get more and more away from the very foundation of everything we do -- prayer.

Years ago I was the director a youth recreational facility in South Carolina. We saw hundreds of students come through our door. As much as I'd love to talk about my leadership at the facility or the great staff I worked with in this post, I wanted to share my greatest failure with you... prayer. Even though I had a deep concern for students, I did not invest enough time in prayer for them.

One day a new staff member of mine came up to me and asked if he could have the names of every student that came to our center. I immediately questioned him on why he needed the information and he proceeded to say "I want to pray for each teen, by name." Wow. I was completely humbled by his request. Within a matter of days I literally witnessed the environment of our ministry change right before my very eyes. Students began making decisions for Christ and taking steps of faith like I had never seen before. I quickly realized the difference-maker had nothing to do with me but had everything to do with that staff member's investment in prayer for students.

I experienced a movement of God in that ministry. A movement that began with prayer. To this day I still find myself struggling to invest time in prayer for the students in my ministry, but God gives me gentle reminders from time to time of the importance of prayer - like yesterday when I ran across this picture of Billy Graham praying with one of his friends before one of his famous crusades.

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