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I found this mug for sale in a store last week while shopping. Notice how the word "MERRY" is spelled: M-A-R-R-Y. Yea, somebody got fired. Er... maybe got a raise. I mean, I bought it after it made me laugh out loud. Somebody's getting this for Christmas.

I submitted this picture to the FAIL blog.


5 Responses to “Picture for the FAIL Blog”

  1. # Blogger JeffHolton

    It's for the person who says "BUT I *LOVE* CHRISTMAS!!"  

  2. # Blogger Andrea

    One guess where it was manufactured...  

  3. # Anonymous Dennis Beckner

    That has White Elephant Gift written all over it. :-)  

  4. # Blogger Rich Wagner


  5. # Blogger Teachinfourth

    Each Thursday my class does something which I like to call, "Errors in Advertising." We will view photos like this one and discuss how the mistakes should have been written.

    I think I'll have to add this one into the collection...  

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