To Save a Life

On January 22 a new indie movie "To Save a Life" written by seasoned youth worker, Jim Britts, hits select theatres. This movie is about real life challenges that teens face and the response from students who have seen the film has been incredible.

There is a grassroots effort underway in my area to have the film shown in multiple theatres, although its only scheduled for one. I'd encourage you to check out the trailer, log on to the movie site and get some resources to help support this work.
Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts?

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3 Responses to “To Save a Life”

  1. # Anonymous Josh Robinson

    Great movie - screened it twice! We are trying to get it to come to our area. I can see this movie helping a lot of students hear the gospel!  

  2. # Blogger Adam

    I saw the movie about a month ago, and it was amazing! I think it will be a great conversation starter for many students to share their faith with their friends.

    I am hoping that they bring this movie to our area.  

  3. # Anonymous bondChristian

    I hope it is good. From the comments, it sounds like it is. I always enjoy good films like this if they can be spring boards into further conversation.

    Perhaps when it comes out of DVD we'll show it at my church. Thanks for the nod.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.  

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