Birthday Lists

Tuesday is my big day. Yep, my b-day. I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I love birthday lists. Restaurants these days love to know when your birthday rolls around so they can send you some love. I'm on a number of birthday lists... and they are starting to arrive in my mailbox but I must say that so far this time around no one compares to the little number that Lonestar is delivering. I got a certificate in the mail for an entree up to $15.99 in value for my big day and I have about 15 days to redeem it!
Way to go Lonestar. I know you are secretly hoping that there will be a party thrown in my honor in your restaurant (and there might be considering this certificate...), but if not, I appreciate such a nice gesture! You are sure trying to smoke the competition.
What other restaurants are delivering the goods when it comes to special days?

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  1. # Blogger Rob

    I think if you sign up for it Moes will give you a free burrito. I wouldn't know though because I love Chipotle. I also know that Hollywood Video gives a free rental on your birthday.  

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