Confrontation at the Grocery Store!

I stopped by the grocery store today to pick up a few items. As I walked in I saw an abandoned shopping cart on one aisle so I quickly grabbed it and proceeded to shop. I walked clear across the store with my cart and soon heard "Excuse me! Excuse me! That's my cart sir!" Oh no. "You took my cart!" shouted this mad woman. I quickly said "I'm terribly sorry. It looked abandoned so I grabbed it." She then took the cart and while shaking her head, she walked away.
Deep breath. Ok, now, let's continue to shop.
I started to walk down another aisle. "Excuse me sir! Excuse me!" Sheesh! What now?! I turned and saw another lady coming towards me. Oh great. Another confrontation, I thought. A younger lady approached me this time. "Excuse me, do you have a moment?" "Yes," I replied. "Our production team would like you to be an extra in our film." "Wha?" She replied, "We are shooting a short film here in the store and need an extra." "Ok, I'm game." So off I went to stand in line at the check out for this shot.
Pretty soon I grabbed my things and left the store. My trips to the market are always boring. Today was different.

2 Responses to “Confrontation at the Grocery Store!”

  1. # Blogger Rob

    Ok what store was that? And what film was that?  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Rob - Bottom Dollar. Actually, I didn't ask. I was so rattled by the entire thing. All I know is that its an independent production.


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