2007 Called...

My phone rang the other day and it was 2007 calling.
Actually, I was on the phone with my mother and I saw that I had an incoming call. When I looked to see who it was calling me the caller ID displayed "2007 calling." Freaky.
I should have answered the call. However, I sent it to voicemail and continued the convo with my mom. After I hung up the phone with my mother I checked my voicemail and there was no message. I tried calling 2007 back... and got an error message.
I laughed over the whole ordeal because it reminded me of the sketch-- I think from Saturday Night Live -- about a certain year calling and "wanting things back..." Do you recall these sketches?
I thought it would be entertaining if you help fill in the blank here.
2007 called and wanted...


2 Responses to “2007 Called...”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Oh my goodness!! That's too wildly weirded out!! Ha,2007 is calling you back my friend!! Just funnin',thanks for sharing,wow,how wild!!  

  2. # Anonymous @flowerofthenile

    2007 called and wanted to know if that iPhone thing was really going to catch on. ...If they had only looked I'm sure they would realize there is an app for that.  

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