MAN-tacular Giveaway! Resources for Brodudes

Please read all of this post before entering.

I'm doing a little cleaning of the resource warehouse and have a number of resources that I want to giveaway. They are just too good for me not to share them with you. This time around I thought it would be cool to do a bit of a man-giveaway. But you'll be able to share the love with a brodude. Enter for yourself and a twitter friend (aka "tweet peep"). Sound good? *PS: No discrimination here. The women-folk can enter this too.

Here is how you win: Just leave a comment with your twitter name (@whomeveryouare) and the name of a twitter friend (@whomevertheyare) and you both will be entered to win! (Hurry, contest closes Friday, December 4th, 2009 - 3:00PM est.) Then make sure you tell your twitter friend that you have entered their name into this contest. They can in turn enter this contest as well by following the same steps! You'll have your name entered twice... giving you a chance to win one of the following resource packages:

What YOU Win: *Becoming a Man (Father & Son) DVD series (Robert Lewis); Wild Goose Chase (Mark Batterson); Man in the Mirror (Patrick Morely); Men's Devotional Bible (NIV Version); and one of my old faves, The Greatest Lesson Ever Learned - Over 60 Godly Men Share (Bill Bright)

Your friend wins: Wild Goose Chase (Mark Batterson); The Sacred Romance (John Eldridge); and Man in the Mirror (Patrick Morely)

Increase your prize! I'll also throw in some free music (a CD for both you & a friend) if you tweet about this contest and leave the URL to your status\update in the comments (in your original entry please) as proof. (You can just add this to your comment with @yourtwittername & your @twitterfriendname).

Recommendation of Tweet: MAN-tacular giveaway over at @terracecrawford blog #resourcesforbrodudes

Good luck! Winner to be chosen at random (via sometime after 3:00PM EST. on Friday, December 4th. One entry (two winners -- you and your friend) to be chosen by yours truly. Entries only accepted in the comments field of this post. *Each participant must have a valid twitter account in order to be officially entered. Only one entry (comment) permitted per person. Additional entries will be deleted. *Winners are responsible for contacting the author of this blog via email with name & shipping address (within 14 days after winner(s) are announced) to claim their prize.

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17 Responses to “MAN-tacular Giveaway! Resources for Brodudes”

  1. # Blogger Chris Marsden

    @cruciformity & @BtotheEtotheN  

  2. # Blogger AVToolman

    I know that @comediantooley and I ( @avtoolman ) will both appreciate and use the resources wisely. Thanks for this opportunity.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @timkitts and @darylcrouch would really love the resources you are offering  

  4. # Anonymous Bruce

    @BruceWMorganJr and my bro-dude @NateJamesKing

    Thanks for what you're doing!  

  5. # Blogger onecory

    @onecory & @joyhenderson1  

  6. # Blogger Thomas

    @johnshadle (buddy) and @jthomasb (me)  

  7. # Blogger Mark

    @pastorintrng and @pastorjoe  

  8. # Blogger Ben

    @BtotheEtotheN & @cruciformity  

  9. # Anonymous pete


  10. # Blogger Jake Barreth

    Oh pick me, pick me! I'm WAY more spiritually needy than the rest of these guys AND I'm a pastor so I don't have any money.

    @jakebarreth and @Jefsullivan  

  11. # Anonymous pete

    this probably falls under the category of weird, but I had a dream last night that YOU hand delivered the prize-pack to me up here in Northern VA while I was in some random store!

    In reality, we have never met, but in the dream, you walked up to my wife and handed a package to her... I was off a bit in the background. I saw you walk up and hand it to her, say a quick something while glancing in my direction, turn around and walk out the double glass doors.

    I walked over to my wife and she said the package was for me, handed it to me and I opened it. Once I opened it, I realized that it was you... I ran out the door after you yelling "Terrace! Terrace!"

    The End.

    weird, eh?
    did I win?
    are you coming up to NoVA anytime soon?  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @jefsullivan and @jakebarreth  

  13. # Blogger writerandy

    @randy_moore_ and @mddavenport

    Not sure if flattery will help, but when I think of Man-tacular - Terrace Crawford is the first thing that comes to mind.  

  14. # Blogger Rich Wagner



  15. # Anonymous Chris Burke

    Found it!! sorry for the 3 posts..its because I'm a moron.

    anyway, I'm entering myself @chriswtburke and my pal Chris Vacher @chrisfromcanada

    Tweet URL:  

  16. # Blogger Shanee

    @ShaneeP and @artpigate


    Whew, hope I did that right, my brain is friend! Also Happy Belated Birthday!!  

  17. # Blogger Terrace Crawford


    Contest Closed - 12.04.09, 3.02PM EST

    Thanks to everyone who participated. More to come!


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