Dealing with Hecklers and Critics

This summer I experienced something I never had before. I was speaking at a conference and in between sessions someone pulled me aside and asked if it was common for me to have "hecklers" show up at my events. Wha? I was floored by the question. The gentleman continued by telling me how a few people in a car literally drove by the venue shouting my name and was using profanity. Are you kidding me? These "hecklers" happened to drive by while the conference was on lunch break so the front lawn covered by a number of people. I begin to ask further questions - Are you sure you didn't just 'think' you heard my name? What did the car look like? Why ME? etc. Within minutes security was notified and the police literally began to patrol the neighborhood around the venue. Woah.
I realize that there are a few of you who may read this and you say, "uh... yea, that's why I have a personal assistant (bodyguard)," while others of you are like me going "what the heck?!? that's never happened to me before!" I began to learn the lesson real quick that everyone is not a fan of me. There are speakers, pastors, bloggers who have hecklers and critics. It's very real. And this was my first exposure to this world.
Recently I appreciated hearing something Perry Noble (who has a personal assistant travel with him) say about this whole subject. I particularly liked a quote he mentions from Rick Warren. Listen for it... WAIT FOR IT. It's a solid word for dealing with your hecklers and critics.

[PS] I may start accepting applications for a "personal assistant."
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4 Responses to “Dealing with Hecklers and Critics”

  1. # Blogger Tony Hammack

    A Christian who isn't being persecuted is probably not being obedient.

    Thanks Terrance!  

  2. # Blogger Clayton Bell

    Terrace, in light of recent allegations and the advice given to Rick Warren, do you think the part about outloving your critics was/is/has been displayed?  

  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Tony - thanks Tony!
    @Clayton - If you are referring to the situation I think you are referring to, "no" I don't think it has. If you'd like me to ellaborate I'll do so off the blog.


  4. # Blogger Clayton Bell

    Oh, we can go off blog all day long!  

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