Can Someone Explain This to Me?

I'm glad somebody finally called it out. Had to be Jon Stewart from the Daily Show. On the subject of stats, which we all like to quote, why in the heavens don't the numbers sometimes add up???
In this particular poll, scientists are being scrutinized for their research on climate change, so the question was asked "Did scientists falsify research to support their own theories on Global Warming?"
Ok, math majors... put down your #2 pencils and chime in.

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2 Responses to “Can Someone Explain This to Me?”

  1. # Anonymous bondChristian

    Some people answered more than once? I suppose any scientist who's "very likely" is also "somewhat likely."

    Crazy stuff though.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.  

  2. # Blogger Chris Marsden

    Rule number one of statistics...

    Statistics lie.

    And that's only true if the research conducted is broad enough and honest enough. If the experiment is a sham to begin with and/or the researchers are liars, then the data fed to the statistics also lie, making the stats a double lie.

    What generally happens is this...

    100 people are surveyed. "If I gave you a free case of soda which would you prefer?"
    1. Jones Soda
    2. Pepsi
    3. Coke

    80% answer Jones soda.

    Another study reports, "despite their amazing flavor and great marketing, research indicates that 97% of Americans will choose a traditional softdrink like coke or pepsi over Jones Soda."

    One study based on preference of a 100 people. Other study based on retail numbers. Technically, both a true, but really both are a skewed perspective and, therefore, can't be trusted.  

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