My Favorite Things of 2009

My Favorite Things List of 2009. Here is a list of many of my favorite things I enjoyed in the year 2009. I hope to see them in 2010. =)

  • Devotional book - The Message - Remix: Solo
  • Cologne - Bod Spray I've always thought their commercials were cheesy... and the cologne is dirt cheap so I never gave it a chance until this year.
  • Food - Steak & Wings Outback & Buffalo Wild Wings are current faves.
  • Web App - TweetDeck
  • Fast Food - Chick-Fil-A
  • Movie - Nacho Libre Honorable Mention: Up! was actually one of my favorites of the year, but considering I watched Nacho about 85 times I decided to give it the nod this year.
  • TV Show - Lie to Me
  • Dip - Buffalo Chicken Dip (email me for the recipe!)
  • Snack - California Pistachios
  • Book - Jesus Wants to Save Christians
  • Toothpaste - Colgate Total
  • Soda - Cherry Coke
  • Coffee - Starbucks Sulawesi
  • Frappuccino - Grean Tea
  • Blog to Follow - Ben Honorable Mention: Steven Furtick
  • Tweet Peep to Follow - @jesusneedsnewpr
  • Music - Taylor Swift Honorable Mention: Matisyahu; Black Eyed Peas
  • Christmas Music - Shane & Shane, Glory in the Highest
  • Favorite Scripture: Matthew 6:33
  • Book of Bible - Luke
  • Toy - The Flip
  • Viral Video - David Goes to the Dentist Honorable Mention - Ignatius, Rockstar Youth Worker
  • Shoes - Airwalk
  • Late Night Show - The Tonight Show with Conan Obrien
  • Favorite Saying: "Imma let you finish..."

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    6 Responses to “My Favorite Things of 2009”

    1. # Blogger Rob

      Good list. I never saw up. Have you seen The Blind Side yet?  

    2. # Anonymous bondChristian

      I'm with you on Nacho and Up. Excellent, but very different, films.

      Got to disagree about the Late Night category though. Jimmy Fallon is beating the pants of Conan, and I mean that in the best of ways. :>)

      -Marshall Jones Jr.  

    3. # Blogger Nic Burleson

      First of all - Love this blog. I'm totally ripping off this style and some of these categories for my end of year recap! :)

      Bod Spray - Love it...been wearing that cheap stuff for a while. Wife loves it too.

      Food: Do ya'll have Wingstop up there? If so, give it a try if you haven't!

      Tweetdeck is amazing.

      Web App - TweetDeck

      Dip - Send that recipe to me!

      As for some of the other categories: I love me some, Taylor Swift, The Flip, and Shane & Shane!

      Great stuff bro!  

    4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Rob - Blindside is still on my list of movies to see.
      @Marshall - Nah. Conan still has Fallon hands down. Fallon hasn't quite hit his groove yet... but when he does I'll give it to ya.
      @Nic - First of all, love you. Thanks for reading and glad you agree with my choices. We don't have Wingstop where I live but I'm not missing much with the offerings here. Seriously, we have some great options!


    5. # Blogger jules

      "Imma let you finish." Ha ha ha. That truly was a great saying this year. And how about that Taylor Swift? Not big on country but I love her!  

    6. # Anonymous Ben Arment

      just saw this as i'm catching up on the blog universe. So kind of you Terrace.  

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