My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Videos

Here are my 5 Top Favorite Christmas Videos (in random order) that have gone viral this holiday season.

I first viewed this video on Josh Griffin's blog. It's a little rap music video they made for their services at Saddleback. It's all about Santa needing an intervention.

I saw this video when I visited Seacoast Church this Christmas. Thought it was well done by the guys at Igniter Media.
This was the first of several social media videos I saw this season. Loved this one so much I made sure we included it in our programming for our weekend services.
Mr. Bean cracks me up... and this one is a classic. I can watch it numerous times a day and I'll never get tired of it.
I have to watch the Linus' monologue every year (its a tradition!) even if I don't catch A Charlie Brown Christmas when it airs on television.

Watch them all online [here]. Feel free to share a link to your favorite video in the comments. Merry Christmas!

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