Best Mission Camp Experience Ever?

I just spent over a week with a group of students from our church for quite possibly the best mission camp experience ever. My good friend, EJ Swanson, had been telling me about Lake Ann Camp in Michigan for sometime now... and I was so impressed with the things I had heard about it that I investigated if it might be best for us this summer. After feeling the nudge from God to make the commitment I immediately started thinking about splitting our 16-hour trip into a two-leg journey.

Next I decided to coordinate a service project on the front-end of our trip and searched for a church in Ohio that we might partner with. We ended up making contact with Maranatha Bible Church in the Akron, OH area. We got to help the church reach a local community by donating our time in OH to them and I also got to speak to the student ministry. It was a win\win for sure and made the trip easier for us.

Our time at Lake Ann was well-worth the investment. From the structure of the camp to the inspiring messages ... everything was great. We saw students who were lukewarm in their faith moved to surrender their lives to ministry in just a few days at Lake Ann. And the students weren't the only ones who were moved. I, too, really came away feeling ministered to. The hospitality of EJ Swanson, the great staff at the camp, some of the best messages I've ever heard (shoutout to Ken Rudolph!), and the steak dinner on Friday night really made a difference for me. What a wonderful experience this summer.

The photos you see above were taken with my iPhone. I sent a postcard to all our parents while we were away at camp with these pictures on it using a service called "Postagram." Very cool way to share the experience with the folks back home!

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    Maranatha Bible Christian Camp and Retreat Center is also known as the christian retreat centers in nebraska, a non-denominational serene place opened for everyone who wishes to encounter God’s presence and love in silence within the lushy green vegetated place in Nebraska.
    Understanding fully how family relationships affect the society, we conduct camps to make sure that within Christian families Biblical values are strongly adhered to. We put some efforts to remind parents to be the role models and the children to be obedient to their parents.
    We have Father/Daughter; Mother/Son and so on activities.

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