I'm Looking for 10 Leaders...

One of the things that makes great leaders is knowing what your resources are and knowing how to use them. I think that many leaders just don't know what is available to them so they encounter obstacles (more often than not) in their journey when they could have made things easier for them just by knowing the right people, having the right tools, and knowing how to use those tools.

I've created what I think is a great resource for youth workers, but unfortunately many people aren't aware of it. Last year I founded the
Youth Worker Coaching Network designed to help youth workers who have only been in the field for 5 years or less. It's a 6-month process where I come alongside and coach rookie youth workers in ministry.

I'm just about to start my second round of Coaching and I'm looking for 10 leaders who are in need of a coach. That's where YOU come in... Would you help get the word out about this great opportunity? Perhaps you don't need a coach but you know someone who does? If you have a blog, facebook or twitter, would you mention it for me?

I'm including a couple of things you can use to share this news with others:

Tweet This! Been in #YouthMin for 5 years or less & need a coach? Apply to be a part of @terracecrawford's network by January 18th http://t.co/MX4XyROD

Here's a promotional video (including several testimonials) you can share with leaders:

Shoot me a link (by email or on twitter) to your tweet, blog, or facebook mention and I'll be glad to retweet you.

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