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Recently I was interviewed by about working with teenagers and also about my Coaching Network (that you can be a part of by simply applying [here] -- today is the deadline!) I'll include a couple of questions here that I was asked and then you can go [here] for the rest.

[YM] What led you to create the Coaching Network? [Terrace] I feel like God has been nudging me to Coach youth workers for a few years now but I never did it. I've seen a great need in the world of youth ministry for people who are just starting out to have someone to help guide them in building youth ministries from scratch. Over the course of the last year a couple of close friends asked me why in the world I wasn't coaching. EJ Swanson is one of those people who talked with me about this. After our last talk I spent 3 weeks of focused prayer about it and knew that I should follow-through. So early last year I founded the Youth Worker Coaching Network designed for youth workers who have been in the field for 5 years or less.

[YM] What's something about the Coaching Network that you have enjoyed the most?
[Terrace] Being 17+ years deep in youth ministry, you forget about what things were like in your first few years. It's been wonderful to be able to help rookie youth workers walk through the challenges of just starting out and to help dream with them and inspire them in their journey.

Go [here] for the rest of this interview. [Click here] to apply for my Coaching Network.

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