The Griffon!

On Friday, Dave Daniels and I along with a few friends decided to enjoy a day at Busch Gardens. I decided to tackle the Griffon, the Gardens newest (and most fierce) dive coaster. Little did I know they had added something special for me.

This coaster takes you 205 feet straight up and 90 degrees straight down, that is after you dangle over 'the drop' for what seems like eternity. . .

If that weren't scary enough, on this particular day (and the time I rode it) there was a hornets nest that had been stirred up. Tons of hornets were flying and hovering over this drop! Isn't that crazy? If you don't think so, let me remind you, I'm allergic to hornets. Yea, it was crazy.

Click here for a videos, pictures and more of The Griffon.

Pictured above: Dave Daniels and I along with some friends on Apollo's Chariot. Dave is trying to kiss me? Our friend, Michael, is picking his nose.

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