I Heart What?

from an IM convo this morning:
Me: helllewwwww
Kim: well helllewwwww
Me: how goes it
Kim: good
Kim: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY... by the way
Me: thanks
Me: whatever that means for me.
Me: lol.
Kim: awww
Me: its really not for single people.
Me: my opinion.
Kim: well its a little overrated... even for the not single folks
Me: this morning I got 3 text messages from single people that wished me a HV Day.
Me: how weird is that?
Me: I think its weird.
Kim: naw thats not weird
Me: i mean, back in the day it was cool to pass out the little heart cards with a sucker or candy heart attached... but c'mon.
Me: I'm 30.
Kim: duuude that stuff rocked
Me: i know.
Kim: i still like it
Me: but yes, it is overrated.
Me: it should be something that is 365 days a year
Kim: true
Kim: i wish i had today off... that would make today even better
Me: yea, now THAT would get me in the spirit. HA!

Perry Noble had the best rant as I was surfin around the blogosphere this morn. Check it out.

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3 Responses to “I Heart What?”

  1. # Anonymous Adam Barnett

    I Looked at Perry's blog, too. Well put, I have to say!  

  2. # Blogger jasdye

    happy valentine's day.

    and then have a happy tomorrow too.

    and a happy st. patrick's day.

    and happy pulaski day (though we only celebrate it here in illinois).

    happy second week of lent.

    have a good life, while you're at it.  

  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Adam - Yep.
    @ Jase - LoL.  

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