Where I Want to Be...

Right now I'd like to be at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. I have several friends twittering the event... and that doesn't help matters. It's okay though... I have plenty to do. Gearing up for a one-day camp I'm coordinating in our community tomorrow and planning a special trip to South Carolina for next week. So my plate runneth over.

I did have a little twitter fun this morning posting one of my latest name-dropping gags.

Have fun guys... we'll continue to live the summit vicariously through your twitter fingers.

For more on Willow Creek's Leadership summit, click here.
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(ht to Tim Stevens for the Twitpic)

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4 Responses to “Where I Want to Be...”

  1. # Blogger Josh(ua) Treece

    Guess who's got two thumbs and is at Willow right now! This guy!!!  

  2. # Blogger Shijun Lin
  3. # Blogger chenlina
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