Modern Church on Alltop

::Ring, Ring:: went my phone today... a friend (who I actually haven't spoken to in 3 years!) called to alert me to the fact that my blog has been listed on

Guy Kawasaki and company just added a “modern church” category to Alltop and yours truly apparently joined the party...or perhaps I'm being punk'd?

Alltop provides an excellent service by collecting stories from 'all the top' sites on the world wide web and makes it easy way for you, the reader, to follow them. You can search more than 100 topics including everything from women's pants to automobiles and everything in between...and now, the Modern Church. Go check it out... and tell Guy thanks for adding me.

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  1. # Blogger Tim Liu

    whoa! you know guy kawasaki! mindblowing. congrats on being on alltop!  

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