Reaching Millennials

In September the Economist Intelligence Unit released a report of a survey they did earlier this year where they asked 164 corporate executives from around the world what techniques they have found are most effective at marketing to the millennial generation (those born between 1982 and 2001). I think its important those of us reaching students look at these figures from time to time to see how things stack up:

How to Reach the Millennial Generation

  • 41% say participate in viral marketing and peer-to-peer recommendation sites
  • 36% say sponsor or advertise in areas of interest to millennials
    (e.g., extreme sports, music venues, chat rooms, social networking sites)
  • 35% say deliver a great product at a great price
  • 30% say focus on millennials’ key influencers
    (e.g., parents, peers)
  • 28% say contribute to social causes that millennials support
  • 21% say contribute to corporate or issue blogs
  • 21% say message millennials through wireless text messaging
  • 19% say exploit contests, promotions, and retail tie-ins
  • 12% say develop online games for company website

    Kent Shaffer, who also reported this research adds: "if your church wants to reach the millennial generation, create a great church experience that is remarkable (creates word of mouth) and targets the key influencers and social catalysts of your local millennial community. Also, show that you care about the things that they care about by sponsoring local events or participating in causes that they are passionate about. Blog about what you do and use text messaging. And be sure that you keep things fresh and fun with occasional special events, games, etc."

    Does the research surprise you? What means have you found most effective?

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