Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute!
  • Great weekend but...
  • Sunday was crazy.
  • Remember how I said last week that "sometimes on Sundays we get surprises when we enter the doors of the elementary school we meet in"? Yea, that happened again Sunday.
  • Our team found a huge waterfall and lake in the back of the cafetorium that we had to deal with prior to setting up.
  • Oh, and we had no air conditioning either.
  • The silver lining around the dark cloud is that we were able to celebrate the new stage and brand new curtains we got to use.
  • Youth Specialties has declared this Middle School Week! If you have a blog they encourage you to write at least one blog post about ministry to middle school students.
  • We had a big Luau for students on Sunday evening. It was a blast!
  • I'm conspiring with a friend to cook up something great in the world.
  • Oooh. Pretty wallpaper.
  • Heard about MercyMe's recent accident involving their tour bus. Please say a prayer for them as its been a hard few days.
  • Got a copy of Max Lucado's Fearless. Plan to start reading soon.
  • Congrats to my good friends on the arrival of their first born!
  • I'm planning to pitch an idea I have for a book to publishers sometime this week. Seriously.
  • I've never written a book... but I plan to.
  • Follow my daily musings on twitter.
  • If you don't follow me on twitter you probably missed my HUGE announcement last night...
  • Doing the B90X is intense! Honestly, I have a little catching up to do...
  • Speaking of twitter, if you like my tweets could you please recommend me to others (via Mr. Tweet)? So far I have only 3 recommendations. :=( Recommend me [here]
  • At least I'm not in last place.
  • I found myself dreaming about vacationing today. [Ha] That means it is soon time for one.
  • Sleep calls.

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