On Monday I traveled to scope out a potential venue for our fall retreat and was listening to a radio station that was new for me. Pretty soon I heard this radio announcer state that she had hijacked the control room and put herself on the air in hopes that the station would give her a position. I was immediately skeptical thinking that this was some sort of a publicity stunt and decided to call in. I got the announcer [Kendall] on the phone and told her that she was doing a great job but there was no way she was an amateur.

She quickly explained that she had worked in radio in Dallas and accidentally swore on the air one day and was let go. She moved to the Virginia Beach area and decided to apply to this radio station but was quickly denied because management felt she may be a liability.

Soon after she visited the station [which happened to be this past Monday] to plead with the management to give her a shot and found the radio station empty. She decided to take a risk (and a big one I might add), lock herself in the control room and put herself on the air!

Pretty soon she won over a couple of the staff who actually kept her from being arrested (and kept the police from using excessive force to break in) and 29 hours later (after she also won over the listeners -- who jammed the phone lines) she got the position she so desperately wanted.

As of today, Kendall Taylor now runs the afternoon drive show (3-7 PM) and was glad she took a HUGE risk. By the way, I called to congratulate her after she made the announcement about the good news (while she was sobbing on-air) around 7:15pm last evening.

Stories like this make me go "what in the world am I doing to take a RISK?"

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