5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Clergy Appreciation Day is coming up. Maybe its just my opinion, but why does it need to be limited to one day? I guess its the case with any holiday. Editor's note: I'm still trying to get my birthday and Christmas celebrated more often. Even though I have been in the ministry for years on pastoral staff I still try to lead the way in showing appreciation for my pastor.
One church I served in always celebrated the pastor one day each year, typically in November. The laity would honor him with a few gifts, cards and would dedicate the weekend services to him. One particular year I organized a team of people to help me create one of the biggest pastor appreciation experiences of all time! I organized a calendar and had members sign up (secretly of course-- as to keep it a surprise) to pick a particular day in the month of November that they would honor the pastor (with a gift, greeting card, etc) so that virtually every day of the month he would be honored by somebody. When all was said and done we had scores of people signed up. The pastor literally got bombarded with cards, baked goods, gift certificates, poems -- you name it. And he experienced that outpouring of love everyday. It was crazy. Of course, once December came things came to a halt... but then comes Christmas, so it wasn't too much of a let-down. =) He still talks about that month and will never forget the outpouring of support and love the congregation showed him. Pastors need this on a consistent basis... not just one day per year.

Here are 5 ways you can encourage your pastor (any day of the year):
  • Send them a card or email. A word of encouragement by card or email can be just what your pastor needs to make it through the week. Send him a quick note.
  • Bless them with gifts. Who doesn't like a gift? From a gift card to a car or cruise, pastor's are human and are encouraged by tokens of appreciation.
  • Honor and bless your pastor's wife. Probably the most under-appreciated role in the ministry is the role of the pastor's wife. No one has a clue what she goes through... or how often she has to share the time she has with her husband with others (because of his role). Treat her well and it'll encourage your pastor too.
  • Become a pastoral advocate. Help squelch the gossip and criticism of the pastoral staff. Your pastor works hard and doesn't need others tearing him another or attacking him. Be an advocate... and help keep the harmony in his ministry. You'll be glad you did.
  • Serve as a volunteer. Recruitment can be draining, especially when you've got other fish to fry. Jump on board and let your pastor know you've got his back and will serve wherever needed. You'll bless him and help the ministry in the process.
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